Debye-Scherrer Camera

Debye-Scherrer Camera

Debye-Scherrer Camera

Debye-Scherrer Camera, open

Debye-Scherrer Camera, mount for sample

Debye-Scherrer Camera, lower part

different views of the Debye-Scherrer Camera

principle of Debye-Scherrer x-ray diffraction camera

This is a compact Debye-Scherrer Camera by Seemann Laboratorium, made out of nickel plated brass.
The outer diameter of the camera is just 68 mm.

The method for X-ray diffraction of powdered material was introduced in 1914/15 by Peter Debye (1884-1966) and his assisstant Paul Scherrer (1890-1969).
Peter Debye won the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1936 "for his contributions to the study of molecular structure," primarily referring
to his work on dipole moments and X-ray diffraction.

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12.12.2005 by Timo Mappes